SSD/S4610 Series 7.6TB 2.5in PCIe Sg Pk

Manufacturer Intel
Manufacturer# SSDPE2KE076T801
Distributor Product ID 4804426
Taged as New
Next possible delivery date: Nov 4, 2019
CHF 2,725.70
Multi-cloud has become a core element for any enterprise strategy, and top cloud providers have responded by openly embracing PCIe/NVMe-based SSDs with scalable performance, low latency, and continued innovation. As software-defined and converged infrastructures are swiftly adopted, the need increases to maximize efficiency, revitalize existing hardware, deploy new workloads, and yet reduce operational expenditures. The SSD DC P4610 Series meets these requirements. It significantly increases server agility and utilization, and accelerates applications across a wide range of cloud workloads.

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